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India is not involved in the attempt to murder Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, this truth came out in the US court.

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Khalistani terrorist, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu.

India has nothing to do with the attempts to assassinate Khalistani terrorist and American-Canadian citizen Gurpatwant Singh. This is becoming self-evident from a statement of the accused in the American court. But India and America are jointly investigating who is behind this. The accused has not even mentioned the involvement of the Indian government in the murder conspiracy. This makes it clear that the Indian government has nothing to do with it. But meanwhile, federal prosecutors in America, who warned India, have alleged that an Indian citizen had hatched a conspiracy to murder a Sikh separatist in the US.

According to federal prosecutors, the man was offered acquittal in a major case in Gujarat in exchange for the murder. It is claimed that the accused admitted his involvement in the conspiracy after being assured that a criminal case pending against him in Gujarat would be dismissed. Earlier, Canada has also made baseless allegations against India in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Whereas India has rejected those allegations as baseless.

This Indian has been accused

According to the prosecution’s charge sheet released in a US court on Wednesday, Nikhil Gupta (52) is accused of being involved in a failed conspiracy to murder an American citizen in New York City. But it has not been revealed in this that the conspiracy to murder which American citizen was hatched. However, the Financial Times newspaper, quoting unidentified sources, had released the news last week that US officials had foiled a conspiracy to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of the banned organization ‘Sikhs for Justice’. The Indian government had also warned about this. The prosecution described in the trial how Gupta agreed to the conspiracy after being assured that a criminal case registered against him in Gujarat would be dismissed.

This allegation was made against a citizen of Indian origin

“In a series of telephone and electronic communications between CC-1 and Gupta, which began in or around May 2023, CC-1 requested Gupta to get CC-1 to withdraw a criminal case against him in India,” the prosecution’s charge sheet said. 1 was asked to arrange the murder of the victim. Gupta agreed to plot the murder. Gupta then personally met CC-1 in New Delhi to put the plot into action.” Prosecutors have claimed that CC-1 is an ‘Indian government employee’ who prepared for the assassination on US soil. Instructed to hatch a conspiracy from India. Gupta has been labeled an ‘international drug trafficker’ and was arrested in the Czech Republic at the request of the US in June 2023 for his involvement in the conspiracy. (Language)

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