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India is paying a heavy price considering Iran as a US ‘threat’! Now refusing to bow down to Russian oil, Puri’s befitting reply

WASHINGTON/TEHRAN/NEW DELHI: In the midst of the Ukraine war, the issue of India buying cheap oil from Russia has once again tried to be aired by the Western media. Anchor of America’s famous TV channel CNN, Becky Anderson tried to surround Indian Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on the issue of buying oil from Russia. Hardeep Puri gave such a befitting reply to American TV anchor by giving example of Europe figures that he is being praised on social media. At the same time, many experts are advising India not to repeat the mistake of Iran. Let’s know the whole matter….

The issue of buying oil from Russia has been a point of tension between India and the US since the start of the Ukraine war. After the befitting reply of Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar, this issue had gone into cold storage in the past, but now it has become hot once again. Actually, CNN raised the issue of ethics on buying oil from Russia with the Indian Petroleum Minister. On this, Hardeep Puri clearly said that there is no moral dispute with buying Russian oil.
When surrounded by buying oil from Russia, India showed the mirror to the American media, stopped speaking with the reply of the Petroleum Minister
bought only 0.2 percent of oil from Russia
Hardeep Puri said that India buys only 0.2 percent of Russian oil, which is not very special, if compared with the consumption of Europe and America. He clarified India’s position and told the anchor that I would like to correct your point of view. We have bought 0.2 per cent oil from Russia in the financial year ended 31 March 2022 which is not even two per cent. We have bought from Russia only a third of the oil that Europe buys from Russia in an afternoon.

The Indian minister also said that we have bought maximum oil from Iraq last month. Hardeep Puri made it clear that India will continue to buy cheap oil from Russia. India has once again saved itself from repeating the old mistake by clearing its position. International affairs expert Kabir Taneja says that it is very surprising that Western countries are talking about India buying oil from Russia, but under pressure from Western countries, New Delhi stopped buying oil from Iran, no one can do it. Not giving importance.
Pakistan is helping Ukraine to make atomic bomb, Russian MP’s claim created a sensation
China opens treasury for Iranian oil
Taneja said that India had stopped taking cheap oil from Iran to help in the nuclear deal of Western countries with Iran. He said that Iran is the nearest oil-rich country to India. India is facing energy deficit due to this decision, even after this it is not importing oil from Iran. One cannot turn a blind eye to such things. While India has stopped buying oil from Iran, our enemy country China has increased oil imports from Iran worth billions of dollars. Iran is giving cheap oil to China.

China and Iran have signed a $25 billion deal recently. China is going to invest massively in Iran. At the same time, India is not able to increase its investment in Chabahar Port even after wanting it. Iran was a friend country of India and was giving cheap oil but India has to shun it under pressure from western countries. Iran is also very angry with this. Meanwhile, Iran has now strengthened its ties with Pakistan and Russia.



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