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India Pakistan Trade: Pakistan suffering from mosquito stings, Shahbaz sprinkled salt on the wound! Repentance from Indian mosquito net

Islamabad : Bad news for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan government will not buy mosquito nets from India. Pakistan is grappling with infectious diseases after devastating floods. Malaria, a mosquito-borne disease, has added to the woes of the people. At this time, a large population is in dire need of mosquito nets. Despite all the approvals and recommendations, this purchase has been banned indefinitely in the cabinet meeting.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health and National Health Services were in favor of buying 6.2 million mosquito nets from India. Even after getting the NOC, the cabinet has stayed the decision indefinitely. The cabinet has refused to give permission to the Global Fund to buy mosquito nets from India. Last month, the commerce ministry had given permission to the health ministry to buy mosquito nets.

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34 lakh cases of malaria by August 2022
These claims of Pakistani journalists on social media are bad news for the people of Pakistan. From January to August 2022, more than 34 lakh suspected cases of malaria have been registered in Pakistan. In 2021 this figure was 26 lakhs. Malaria is spreading rapidly in Pakistan’s 32 flood-affected districts and thousands of children have fallen prey to it.

Shahbaz government’s shock to the public
Plasmodium falciparum cases are being reported in more than 26 districts of Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan. Pakistan’s health ministry wanted to buy mosquito nets from India. The Global Fund had proposed it but the Government of Pakistan has now rejected it. The Shahbaz government has given a new and big blow to the people who are suffering from disasters like inflation, terrorism and floods.

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