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India Russia Oil Deal: India is buying our blood, not cheap oil from Russia… Ukrainian Foreign Minister gave a strong statement

Kyiv: India is buying crude oil in large quantities from Russia amid the Ukraine war. Many European countries including America have already expressed their displeasure over this move of India. However, India has responded bluntly to its relations with Russia on every occasion. Now Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has made strong remarks about the purchase of crude oil between India and Russia. He has said that the blood of Ukrainian citizens is mixed in every barrel of crude oil being transported from Russia to India. He also said that Ukraine expects more practical support from India as it is fighting Russia. He also reminded of the government’s help in the return of Indian students stranded in Ukraine.

Ukrainian people’s blood in Russian crude
In response to a question by The Hindu, Dmitry Kuleba said that when India buys Russian crude oil, they have to understand that the rebate will have to be paid with the blood of Ukraine. Every barrel of Russian crude oil supplied to India has a fair share of Ukrainian blood. We are friendly and open to India. I supported the evacuation of Indian students. We expected more practical support from India to Ukraine. He referred to India and Ukraine as two democracies that have essential similarities and that the two democracies have to stand side by side.

S Jaishankar told India’s helplessness
Earlier, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had said that oil and gas prices are unreasonably high. He pointed out that Asia’s traditional energy suppliers are diverting to Europe to deal with a situation where every country will try. We have been very open and honest about our interests, he said. I have a country with a per capita income of $2,000. These are not the people who can afford the high energy prices. It’s my obligation…moral duty to really get them the best deal from the world.




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