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India Turkey Relations: Anti-India Turkish President Erdogan met PM Modi in SCO meeting, revealed

Ankara: The presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan caught everyone’s attention. In fact, Western countries consider the SCO as an organization built against them. The whole world was stunned by the presence of the President of NATO member Turkey. Now President Erdogan himself told the media of his country that Turkey wants to become a member of the SCO. That is why he attended the meeting as a special guest. The great thing is that after issuing this statement, Erdogan left on a trip to America. The US sees the SCO as an anti-Western organization, which together includes two of its biggest enemies, Russia and China. In such a situation, America can be furious if NATO member Turkey’s claim of SCO membership is disclosed.

Turkey wants to become a member of SCO
Erdogan said that this move will put our relations with these countries in a very different position. When asked whether he meant membership of the SCO, he said, “Of course, that is the goal. Turkey is currently a dialogue partner of the SCO. The SCO member countries include China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are included.

Erdogan’s meeting with PM Modi drew attention
At the SCO meeting, Turkish President Erdogan’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi attracted the most attention. It was an unexpected meeting between the leaders of India and Turkey. In fact, since becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, PM Modi has ignored Turkey. The matter is that Turkey has supported Pakistan on every front regarding Kashmir. Not only this, he raised the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations not once or twice, but many times while making rhetoric against India. India also responded to this, but it did not have any effect on Turkey.

Consent of all countries is necessary to become a member of SCO
Turkey needs the consent of all member states to become a member of the SCO. In the present member countries, almost all countries except India can support Turkey. In such a situation, Turkey will need India’s approval in any case to become a member. For this reason, Erdogan tried to persuade PM Modi by meeting him. But, now it will be known in the future whether India gives its consent to Turkey to join the SCO or not.

Erdogan also met Putin, talked about the nuclear plant dispute
Erdogan held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, amid bilateral discussions at the SCO summit. He said Turkey and Russia have reached an agreement to resolve a dispute over the construction of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, southern Turkey. Erdogan said Turkey has reinstated IC Iktas in the project, NTV reported. Last month, Russian state nuclear power company Rosatom, which is running the project in Turkey, terminated its contract with IC Iqtas following allegations of multiple breaches.



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