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India will make Kashmir the Switzerland of Asia… Pakistani lambasted his country

Islamabad : Pakistan, which is suffering from internal strife, terrorism and economic crisis, whenever it got a global platform, it used it to sing Kashmir. But not only the international community but also Pakistanis themselves often show the mirror to their regime. Now Pakistani expert Syed Shabbar Zaidi has told his own country on the Kashmir issue. On Twitter, he made several tweets in support of India. On Kashmir, he wrote, “If Kashmiris have decided to stay with India, let them stay.”

Shabbar Zaidi wrote, ‘UAE has invested in Kashmir. This is the saddest and most important event after 1947. After the abrogation of Article 370 by PM Modi, non-Kashmiris have been allowed to buy land in Kashmir. The special status is over. Now UAE is investing. Where are we? He wrote, ‘These things are solving the Kashmir issue. India and the world will invest heavily in Kashmir and make it the Switzerland of Asia.

‘India has left us behind in every respect’

He wrote, ‘Now the decision has to be taken by the people of Kashmir. They can agree if the economic development is in their favour. Shabbar Zaidi further wrote, ‘India has left us behind on all economic parameters from 2002 to 2023. Military rule from 2002 to 2008, 2008–2013 PPP, 2013–2018 PML, 2018–2023 PTI/PML. There are some underlying problems. Get to know them. Problem: Politics and security above common man’s problem.

Have we learned lessons from the past?

The Pakistani expert wrote in his tweet, ‘Whatever happened in Pakistan was inevitable. But past is past. The tragedy is whether we learned any lesson or not? Thinking has to be changed. Governments are political and economic institutions. The ideology should be of the welfare of its people. Instead of the welfare of its resource people, Pakistan kept on spreading unrest in the ‘neighboring country’. Decades of political instability and economic mismanagement have led to the current crisis in Pakistan.

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