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‘Indian citizens should leave Ukraine soon’, Indian Embassy again issued advisory

Embassy of India in Ukraine Advisory: In view of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, the Indian Embassy is constantly advising the citizens of India to leave Ukraine. On Tuesday (25 October), the Indian Embassy in Ukraine has issued a new advisory to its citizens to leave war-torn Ukraine immediately. It said that some Indians have already left Ukraine following an earlier advisory issued on October 19.

The Indian embassy in the Ukrainian capital said in a statement that while reiterating the advisory issued by the embassy on October 19, all Indian nationals in Ukraine are advised to leave Ukraine immediately by available means. After the previous advisory, some Indian nationals have left Ukraine.

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The embassy also shared the numbers

The embassy also shared some numbers where Indian citizens can contact for any assistance traveling across the border. The advisory dated October 19 also urged Indians not to leave Ukraine or travel within the country in view of the deteriorating security situation. The latest advisory comes after Russia claimed that Ukraine was preparing to use “dirty bombs” on its own territory. However, this claim has been rejected by Western and Ukrainian officials.

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine increased

In recent weeks, Russia has bombed several Ukrainian cities. Attacks have intensified since President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of men to fight in the Eastern European nation. Putin said the country needed to expedite decision-making regarding the military operation in Ukraine. The Defense Ministry said its forces had thwarted Ukrainian attacks in the southern Kherson region and the eastern Luhansk region of Ukraine.

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