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Indian defense officers can now go to the Pentagon unhindered – US Air Force Secretary

India US Relations: A top official of the US Department of Defense said that the Indian Defense Attache ie officers can now go to the Pentagon without any restrictions. A Defense Attache is usually a military specialist associated with a diplomatic mission.

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall on behalf of India’s Ambassador to America Taranjit Singh Sandhu on the occasion of Independence Day on Monday. During a banquet organized at ‘India House’, Ko said that such a step underscores the trust and cooperation that is between America and India.

The US Air Force Secretary further said this

Kendall said, “The Indian (defense) attache team can now go to the Pentagon unhindered. This is the beginning of our relationship with India as an important defense partner. Can’t go.” Getting permission to go to the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, is considered a very difficult task. Even US citizens cannot go there without a high level security clearance.

Kendall has worked on Indian issues during the Obama administration. He said that since then there was a desire that relations should be strengthened in the field of national security. He said, “India is the country with which we practice more than any other country. We have a long-standing close relationship and we have been able to build and strengthen it.

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