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India’s denial, love for Pakistan… Now Turkey’s ‘Killer Drone’ of Ukraine will cause havoc in Gulf countries

The United Arab Emirates is negotiating with Turkish manufacturer Baykar to buy large-scale armed drones. Two people with knowledge of the matter have told Millid East Eye about this. The news quoted sources as saying that talks between state-run companies like Baykar and Tawazun over the supply of the firm’s famous Barakhtar TB-2 drone have been going on since March. The Bayraktar TB2 drone has a long-standing record of causing destruction to enemy forces in conflicts such as Libya, Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh. These were not used against any army before the Russo-Ukraine War. Against the Russian attack, Ukraine used the Barakhtar TB-2 drone, which stopped the Russian military convoy from moving towards Kyiv.

The total cost of a drone is $15 million

According to the report, a source says that talks are on to supply 120 TB-2 drones. These drones will come with a package that will include ammunition, command and control and training. The deal could be worth $2 billion. If this deal is successful, then some of the parts of TB-2 will be manufactured at the Baykar plant in the UAE. The report, quoting an industry person, suggests that a TB-2 drone costs $5 million and each aircraft requires 100 mm-l smart micro munitions. All things taken together make it worth $15 million. This does not include the cost of training and command-and-control centers. Up to six drones can be controlled from each centre.

Company has three years order

Baykar has close ties to the family of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Selçuk Barakhtar, a top engineer at the firm, is married to Sumaye, Erdogan’s daughter. Baykar CEO Haluk Barakhtar said last month that his company has a three-year backlog of orders and can manufacture 20 TB-2 drones a month. After 10 years of tension, relations between Turkey and the UAE have softened since last year. Turkey has accused the UAE of plotting to topple the Ankara government and being involved in a 2016 coup that further soured relations. However, the UAE had denied these allegations.

Turkey kind to Pakistan

Turkey’s dangerous drones are used by many countries, including its friend Pakistan. A few months ago, a satellite image of the Pakistani Air Force Base showed the Bayraktar TB2 drone purchased from Turkey. Its control and command center was also visible near this drone. After seeing this, the threat of espionage on the Kashmir and Punjab border had increased. Open source intelligence @detresfa_ analyzed satellite imagery and told that this drone was seen at the Murid base of the Pakistani Air Force. Located in the Chakwal district of Pakistani Punjab, this base is located just 243 km from Amritsar and 228 km from Srinagar.

Refusal to give drones to India

A few days ago, the company’s CEO had announced that he would give this killer drone in South Asia to Pakistan instead of India. In an interview with the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia, Haluk Barakhtar said that his armed drone aircraft are more effective than China’s fighter drone aircraft. Asked whether you would sell drone aircraft to India as well, he said the company’s principle is that we do not earn from war or sell weapons to both the parties involved in the conflict. We have already sold this drone to countries with ‘friendly’ relations like Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. The TB2 drone can fly at speeds ranging from 130 kmph to 222 kmph. Not only this, this drone can fly with a total weight of 700 kg. The wingspan of this drone is 12 meters and length is 6.5 meters, while the height from the ground is 2.2 meters.



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