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Injured Imran Khan’s attack on Sharif-Army, said – I have a video clip. big things

Pakistan: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was injured on Thursday (November 3) when a gunman attacked him. Imran Khan was fired upon during his protest march in Pakistan’s Punjab province. What his party has claimed was an attempt to assassinate Imran Khan. At the same time, a day after this incident i.e. on November 4, he addressed the country.

Election Commission link to Sharif family

Imran Khan called the Pakistan Election Commission a link to the Sharif family. Imran Khan said that I went to court against the decisions of the Election Commission on 8 occasions, won every time. Imran Khan referred to the Panama Papers leak and said it was the confession of middlemen for accusing the Sharif family of corruption.

During this, he mentioned the Musharraf regime. Imran Khan said that Musharraf’s martial law was better.

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threat videos near me

Imran Khan said in his address to the nation that he was threatened with blackmail, secret videos. Khan said, “I got hit by 4 bullets.” Imran Khan also claimed that I had come to know a day before the attack that they would try to kill me either in Wazirabad or in Gujranwala.

Imran Khan told that when he was hit by bullets, he fell down and many bullets came out from him. If it did, it was difficult to escape.

Mummy and daddy’s not my party

Imran Khan said that I have come here after struggling for 22 years. He thought that PTI was a mom-daddy party and would end. Like PPP and PML-N, my party was not formed by “Pratishthan”. He said that he had come to power with the support of the people.

He said that what is happening nowadays, Liberal Musharraf had martial law. Four people have decided to kill me by meeting in a closed room. If anything happens to me, the video will be released, which I have made so that the country knows who has done it. They decided that Imran Khan should be killed like Salman Taseer.

Say on this that it has insulted the religion. The first project was done that Imran Khan has insulted the deen. All records of Tosha Khana are there, there is no scope for theft.

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