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Iran gave open threat to America, know at which step of US this Shia country got angry

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Iran gave open threat to America

Iran Threatens America: Iran is in panic amid the war between Israel and Hamas. Iran, which supports Hamas and Yemen’s Houthi rebels and according to international media reports also funds them, has warned Israel several times. Iran has said that if the attacks on Hamas are not stopped then it can attack. Iran’s relations with America are also not good. Iran helps the Houthi rebels, who target ships passing through the Red Sea. However, the American war fleet destroys the attacks of Houthi rebels. Meanwhile, Iran has openly threatened America. America is trying to create a task force on the Red Sea, which will protect the ships passing through the Red Sea from the Houthis. Iran is upset on this.

Iran has reacted strongly to America’s proposal to deploy forces in the Red Sea. Iran has directly warned America that this step will create problems for it. Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani has said that the proposed US-backed multinational task force to protect shipping in the Red Sea will face extraordinary problems here, Iranian media ISNA reported on Thursday.

America is in the process of forming a task force

The Iranian Defense Minister’s comments came after America’s statement. The US said last week it was considering creating a task force to protect ships in the Red Sea from attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels. For this he is in talks with many other countries. So that together a task force can be formed. Now this sharp reaction has come from Iran.

America’s interference in the area under our dominance is not acceptable

Iranian Defense Minister has called America’s proposal to create a task force as interference in their territory. He said that no one can step into the area where we have dominance. If they take such an irrational step, then they will have to be prepared to face problems. However, he did not clearly say what action Iran would take in response if the US-backed task force comes to the Red Sea. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said last week that we are in talks with other countries to create a maritime task force to ensure the safe movement of ships in the Red Sea.

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