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Iran is going to target Israel! Karra drone equipped with missile

Image Source : TEHRAN TIMES
Iran equipped Karrar drone with Majid missile

Iran on Israel: Amidst the war between Israel and Hamas, Iran is continuously increasing its power. Iran, which has warned Israel several times about attacks. That Iran has now unveiled the ‘Karrar’ fighter drone equipped with the ‘Majid’ air-to-air missile. Amidst the warning given to Israel, Iran’s equipping its combat drones with missiles is raising the question whether Iran too is going to jump into the war?

According to Iranian media, these drones have now officially joined Iran’s air defense units. The Iranian military demonstrated this drone during a televised ceremony at the Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Academy in Tehran. These drones are quite powerful and more than 12 Karra drones will be deployed on the country’s border. Iran has said that these drones will greatly increase the strength of their army.

Can attack up to a thousand kilometers

The Iranian Army claims that the ‘Karrar’ drone can hit a distance of one thousand kilometers in the air. Apart from this it also has many features. After the unveiling of the agreement, General Abdulrahim Mousavi, commander-in-chief of Iran’s military, said the enemies will now have to rethink their strategies as Iranian forces have become more powerful than before. In January 2021, the Iranian military demonstrated the Karrar drone’s capability by destroying a dummy target using an Azarkhash air-to-air missile.

Know how powerful is ‘Karrar’ drone

  • Karrar drone has emerged as an important strength of Iran’s Air Force. It is claimed about this drone that it has a range of 1000 kilometers (620 miles).
  • The Karrar drone can deliver two 115 kg bombs or 227 kg ammunition to the target with precision.
  • Karrar is known for its high speed as well as targeted bombing capabilities.
  • The Karrar drone has now been equipped with the Majid missile. Which has made it much more dangerous.
  • The combination of the Karrar drone and the Majid missile will give the Iranian military a new type of capability.

First missiles…and now drones, Iran is continuously increasing military strength

Iran recently unveiled a hypersonic missile. After which now he has prepared this advanced type of drone. Iran is continuously trying to increase its military strength and is also succeeding in it. Iran is doing this at a time when it is at loggerheads with Israel due to the war in Gaza. In such a situation, many defense experts are seeing the growing power of Iran as an alarm bell for Israel. Because Iran has been a supporter of Hamas and an opponent of Israel since the beginning. In recent times, Iran has given an open warning to Iran. In such a situation, there is doubt that Iran may not take any ‘big’ step in the near future.

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