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Iran’s warning to America, ‘Just as you fled from Afghanistan, we will also flee from you…’

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Iranian commander Hossein Salami

Iran on America: Iran considers America as its biggest enemy. In recent times, tension between Iran and America has increased further. Meanwhile, another statement has come from Iran, in which America has been given a strict warning. Amidst the war between Israel and Hamas, Iran raised the question of America’s diminishing presence and said that ‘America’s role is continuously decreasing in the Middle East. Iran described America as an oppressor and said that weapons and money alone are not enough to win the war.

Major General Hossein Salami, head of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, paid tribute to the unknown martyrs and said that we will continue to support Palestine until the end. Major General Hossein Salami claimed that the Americans were packing their belongings and moving away from the area. The commander of Iran said that we are with all those who are troubled by the atrocities of Israel and America.

Iran mocks America, says ‘You are a fugitive from Afghanistan’

Taking a dig at America, the IRGC commander said that you are fugitives who have fled from Afghanistan. The commander asked, ‘Did the occupation of Afghanistan give them victory? When you fled Afghanistan, your army had to leave behind many powerful equipment there. Were you able to live in the Iraq that you occupied?

‘Israel cannot fight alone’

The Iranian commander said that America’s policy regarding the Israel-Hamas war is the same as that of other countries. But what they don’t know is that the more arms they give to Israel, the more nails they will put in their coffin. In his speech, the Iranian commander did not say anything about military aid to Hamas. But he blamed Israel for killing and torturing innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip and accused it of war crimes. He said that Israel cannot fight the war in Gaza on its own. It is getting the support of America, that is why Israel is able to fight the war in Gaza on such a large scale.

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