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Is Joe Biden going to talk to Xi Jinping soon? US President replied

US-China Relations: US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday (July 20) that he plans to hold talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping soon. “I think I will talk to President Xi within the next 10 days,” he said. Biden said this to reporters in Washington when he returned from a climate-related trip to Massachusetts. The US President’s remarks come at a crucial moment when tensions between the two countries over the issue of Taiwan. Is.

Biden also cast doubts on House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan next month. He said that the US military believes that it is not a good idea for Pelosi to travel to Taiwan as planned.

Chinese ambassador targets America
Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to the US Qin Gang alleged that the US was weakening the “One China” policy through Taiwan’s support. “We urge the United States to honor its commitments in practice and fully implement the ‘One China’ policy,” Qin said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Wednesday. Only through the observance of this policy can there be a long and lasting peaceful reunification of mainland China and Taiwan.”

Let us tell you that the issue of Taiwan has been the most prominent in US-China relations in recent months. Tensions between Beijing and Washington (which is committed to supporting the island’s self-defense) further erupted earlier this month when their respective defense chiefs at the Shangri-La Dialogue Defense Conference in Singapore. met in.

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