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Is Tiananmen incident being repeated in China? The biggest performance increased the blood pressure of ‘dictator’ Xi Jinping

Beijing: China’s President Xi Jinping, who is considered one of the most powerful leaders in the world, is having a sleepless nights these days. Jinping and his government, who are looking towards a third term, do not understand how to curb the protests that have been going on for the last few days. Lockdown was imposed in the country due to the Zero Covid policy and now the public has come on the road against it. The demonstrations taking place due to the zero covid policy and the lockdown are the biggest in the last nearly three decades. When the protest turned violent on Sunday, the beatings of the authorities increased. People have now remembered the Tiananmen Square demonstration in 1989. Even at that time, people came out on the streets against the government and to stop the people, the government even made tanks run over innocent people.

student demonstrations
Thousands of students of Beijing’s Tsinghua University have taken to the streets against the dictatorial government. These students have many placards in their hands on which many slogans are written against Jinping’s rule. The students are talking about ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of expression’. This university is a new issue where protests have erupted. On 5 April 1989, student protests began in Tiananmen, China. It was only in June 1989 that these demonstrations were brought under control. Now thousands of students of this university have come on the road on the same lines.Why are there slogans of ‘Jinping leave the throne’ in China, what is the most powerful leader’s chair going to go!
Angry students are now asking Jinping, who took power in 2012, to abdicate. On Sunday morning at 11.30 am the students reached the entry gate of the canteen. Within no time, 200 to 300 students gathered here. These students were singing the national anthem and raising slogans against the lockdown. The students were shouting, ‘No to lockdowns, we want freedom’. At the same time, they were protesting against censorship by showing plain paper.

Experts remembered Tiananmen
Violence has occurred during demonstrations in Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou. Clashes between local policemen and students have been reported from several places. Peter Frankopan, Professor of Global History at Oxford University, has warned that the government is preparing to respond to these protesters by taking even more drastic measures.

He said, ‘This is the most serious situation after the Tiananmen incident in 1989. It is difficult to say whether these demonstrations will stop and the situation will return to normal. Now some tough step will be taken, it seems. And no one knows what will happen next. Luke de Pulford, associated with the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, says, ‘I cannot refrain from watching these videos and commenting on them. It is an act of great courage and it is amazing. Chinese students demanding democracy definitely reminds me of Tiananmen.
Patience dam broken in China! Corona cases cross 30 thousand but lockdown not approved, huge demonstrations on the streets
Unruly crowd in Shanghai
The situation in Shanghai with a population of 26 million is uncontrollable and the demand for Jinping’s resignation has intensified here. In the videos that are coming on social media, it is clearly visible that people have been arrested in Shanghai for the third consecutive day. Anti-lockdown protesters mounted on buses are attacking the police. Here, to control the crowd of 300 people, the police even used pepper spray. Here the public was raising slogans, ‘Jinping leave the throne, Communist Party leave the throne’. Along with this, people were shouting, ‘Unlock Xinjiang, unlock China,’ ‘We don’t want PCR test, we want freedom of the press.’
Kovid virus created ruckus in China, is the dragon suffering the consequences of Corona!
What is zero covid policy
In the year 2020, Kovid started hunting many countries of the world. At that time, China was accused of negligence and not locking Wuhan. At the same time, to save himself from further embarrassment, Jinping launched the Zero Covid policy. This policy includes mass testing, strict isolation rules, travel restrictions and even local lockdowns. China believes that this policy will remain in force as long as there is even a single case of Covid. According to the Jinping government, this policy is completely based on the rules of science.

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