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Israel Airstrikes In Syria: Why Syria became a battleground between 4 countries? Israel destroyed the airport of the capital Damascus

Damascus: The West Asian country of Syria remains a battleground between four countries of the world. Meanwhile, late Friday, Israel killed five soldiers in an airstrike on the Syrian capital Damascus. Israel carried out this through airstrike missiles. Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reported that the attack took place at around 12:45 pm. Property was also damaged in this attack, although no details have been given about it. Israel, America, Russia and Turkey are fighting a war of mutual supremacy in Syria. In this, Israel and America are on one side, while Russia and Turkey are in one camp. Turkey will sometimes betray Russia to serve its personal interests.

Syrian Defense Ministry issued statement
The Syrian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that Israel carried out airstrikes at Damascus International Airport and other sites south of the capital, killing five soldiers and damaging some properties. Syria also claimed that our air defense systems shot down several Israeli missiles in the air, although some managed to reach the airport. There was no immediate confirmation whether airport operations were affected by the attack. No information has been given by Israel about this attack.

Aleppo airport was also targeted
It has also been reported that Israel has targeted the international airport located in Aleppo in addition to Damascus airport. Israel fears that these airports could be used to supply weapons to support President Bashar al-Assad and Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah in Syria. It is being claimed that Iran is now using air transport due to the difficulties in delivering weapons to Syria by land. Protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2011 have killed hundreds of thousands and left millions homeless.

Why Syria became a battleground between four countries
Israel, Russia, America and Turkey are fighting a war in Syria. Russia supports the Basr al-Assad government in Syria. Whereas, America keeps accusing the Assad government of capturing power through corruption. This is the reason why America supports armed organizations like the Syrian Democratic Forces, People’s Defense Units, Free Syrian Army instead of the Assad government. Israel fears that Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran’s militias may become a threat to its country through Syria. Turkey, on the other hand, claims that Kurdish fighters operating in Syria demand a separate state of Kurdistan, which includes a large part of their country.



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