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Israel deploys robotic army in West Bank, can fire remotely from far away, Palestinians’ shame!

Jerusalem : Tension between Israel and Palestine is becoming a permanent problem in the region. Meanwhile, the Jewish state of Israel has deployed new robotic weapons in the West Bank. Remote control guns can fire tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that they were deployed extensively in the city of Hebron and the al-Arab refugee camp. Israel has deployed these weapons on special guard towers equipped with surveillance cameras.

The guns are also fitted with cameras that can be operated by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers from inside the towers, the news agency reports. These guns also use artificial intelligence to track their targets. The robotic weapons have been deployed at two sites that have been at the center of recent clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops.

Will be used only to control the crowd
Quoting sources, the news agency said that now if crowds of protesters take to the streets and throw stones or bombs at Israeli soldiers, tear gas shells and rubber bullets will be fired from weapons stationed in the tower. Israel says that the new system will prove to be helpful in saving the lives of Israelis and Palestinians. It is said that the system is being tested at this stage and only ‘non-lethal’ ammunition will be used for crowd control.

This year will be ‘fatal’ for Palestinians
According to the report, Palestinians fear that these weapons could be misused or hacked. Locals have also warned that their use can lead to a potentially fatal situation. In October, the UN warned that this year could be the ‘deadliest’ for Palestinians in the West Bank. Some 32 Palestinians, including six children, have been killed by Israeli security forces since the beginning of the year, according to Russian news website RT.



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