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Israel preparing to ‘kill Hamas leaders’ across the world, claims American newspaper

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American newspaper made claims about Israel

Fighting has started again after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Israel accused Hamas of violating the ceasefire and started airstrikes on Hamas again on Friday. Meanwhile, American newspaper Wall Street Journal has made a shocking claim. The American newspaper said that after the end of the current war between Israel and Hamas, Israeli intelligence agencies are preparing to ‘kill Hamas leaders’ around the world. Let us tell you that Israel has an old history. Israel has always been destroying its enemies with different methods. Although there is no proof of this, everyone is aware of the strength of Israel’s intelligence department.

Ceasefire ends between Israel and Hamas

According to Palestinian health officials, Israel launched a massive bombardment on Gaza on the very first day after the ceasefire was broken. At least 175 Palestinians are reported killed in this attack. Let us tell you that after the expiry of the ceasefire deadline with Hamas on Friday, the Israeli army attacked Hamas positions in Gaza with fighter planes. During this time, leaflets were dropped by the Israeli army in southern Gaza, in which people were appealed to leave the houses located in Khan Yunis city. Earlier, the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry in Gaza had claimed that the 7-day ceasefire between the two sides ended on Friday.

Many Palestinians were killed

The Gaza-based Health Ministry said hours later there were airstrikes by the Israeli Air Force on the Gaza Strip. More than 100 Palestinians were killed in these attacks. However later this number reached 175. According to news agency Xinhua, Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Kedra issued a statement saying that dozens of Palestinian civilians were killed in air strikes in the Gaza Strip. He said that two journalists who were Palestinian citizens were also killed in this attack. Let us tell you that thousands of people have died in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

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