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Israel Turkey News: Before the visit of the Israeli Foreign Minister, Iran had planned the attack! Turkey caught five with weapons

Ankara: Turkish authorities on Thursday detained five Iranians on suspicion of plotting attacks against Israel ahead of a visit by Israeli Foreign Minister Yer Lapid to Turkey. This information was given in Turkish media reports. Lapid is scheduled to meet his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Kavusoglu later on Thursday. Both countries are moving forward with efforts to repair strained relations on Turkey’s strong support for the Palestinians.

Israel recently warned its citizens
He is also expected to discuss a recent warning issued by Israel asking its citizens to avoid travel to Turkey and Israelis in Turkey to leave the country immediately. The warning said Israeli citizens could become targets of Iranian attacks. The warning was angered by Turkey, whose economy is largely dependent on tourism. Ankara responded by issuing a statement that Turkey is a safe country.

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Israeli PM Bennett praised
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has since said that a joint operation with Turkey was successful in thwarting several attacks and resulted in the arrest of several suspects on Turkish soil in recent days. Turkish intelligence agencies are interrogating the arrested Iranian citizens. It is not yet clear whether the Israeli intelligence agency will be allowed to interrogate these people.

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2 pistols and silencers found from Iranian citizens
The Hurriyat newspaper reported on Thursday that Turkish authorities on Wednesday detained five Iranian nationals suspected of being involved in an alleged plot to kill Israeli civilians in Istanbul. According to the news, the police seized two pistols and two silencers during the search of the houses and hotels where the suspects were staying.


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