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Israel wreaked havoc on Gaza, 450 hideouts of Hamas terrorists destroyed in last 24 hours

Image Source: AP
Israeli army bombing Gaza.

Israel has launched its biggest attack on Gaza so far. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claims that it has destroyed 450 hideouts of Hamas terrorists in Gaza in the last 24 hours. America has also become worried after such a big attack in Gaza. Because in every attack a large number of Palestinian civilians are also dying. After this horrific attack by Israel, war has flared up once again. Hamas reported that the most intense clashes with Israeli forces were taking place in the Shejaiya district of Gaza City in the north, as well as in Khan Yunis in the south. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers had reached the center of the enclave’s second largest city on Wednesday.

Israel has intensified its attack on the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have attacked remote Palestinian areas and killed hundreds of people in this new and expanded phase of the war. America has also become worried after this attack by Israel. Washington said that this Israeli attack contradicts Israel’s promise to protect Palestinian civilians. The Israeli military said on Friday it had attacked more than 450 targets in Gaza from land, sea and air in the past 24 hours – the most since the ceasefire broke down last week. This is almost double the daily figures typically reported since then.

Most of Gaza’s people displaced, 350 people killed

Due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, most of the people of Gaza are now displaced and unable to access any aid. Hospitals have become overcrowded and food has run out. The main UN agency helping the displaced said the society was “on the brink of complete collapse”. Both residents and the Israeli military reported intense fighting in both the northern areas, where Israel previously said its troops had largely completed their operations last month, as well as in the south where it reported a new offensive this week. Started attack. Gaza’s Health Ministry on Thursday reported the death of 350 people in the attack. With this, the death toll in the last two months of Israeli campaign in Gaza has increased to more than 17,170, while thousands of people are missing and believed to be buried under the debris.

Wreaking havoc in Khan Younis and northern Gaza cities

Khan Yunis and northern Gaza are being devastated by the fierce attack of the Israeli army. More attacks were reported on Friday morning in Khan Younis in the south, the Nuseirat camp in the center and Gaza City in the north. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at a press conference in Washington on Thursday, “As we stand here almost a week into this operation in the south… it is imperative that Israel place a premium on civilian security.” “There remains a gap between Israel’s promise to protect Palestinian civilians and the actual results we see on the ground.”

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