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Israeli army parades 100 suspected Hamas terrorists without clothes

Image Source: AP
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Israel Hamas War: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. After the temporary ceasefire, Israel has become more aggressive. Now he is attacking the whole of Gaza vigorously. Meanwhile, according to media reports, some video footage of the Israeli Army has surfaced, which everyone is surprised to know. The Israeli army has arrested about 100 suspected Hamas terrorists from Gaza. These 100 suspected terrorists are being paraded naked by Israeli force personnel.

The Israeli army has identified 100 people as belonging to Hamas and they have been made to sit on the road without clothes and are being forced to kneel. In another picture, hundreds of people are sitting without clothes on the sand and Israeli Army soldiers are seen behind. This is being seen as a response by the Israeli army to the barbaric attacks of 7 October by Hamas.

First a parade was conducted, then the IDF took it in a truck.

These pictures have come from Gaza, in which it is shown that after surrendering, these people were made to bow on the floor and were forced to take off their clothes. These people are seen sitting only in underwear. These people were first paraded on the streets of Gaza, after which the Israeli Army took them away in a truck. The Israeli army says that this war will not be stopped until the mastermind of the October 7 attack, Yahya Sinwar, and other senior commanders of Hamas are eliminated.

According to ‘The New Arab’, Israeli soldiers checked whether any of them had ties to Hamas before taking them to an unknown location. Many of these men were previously suspected Hamas terrorists and can be seen blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their backs.

Hamas called the captured people civilians

On the other hand, Hamas has claimed that the 100 people arrested by the Israeli army are all civilians and they have no fault, they are innocent. There is a lot of discussion about this mass arrest in the Israeli media but the IDF has not yet commented on it. Pictures of this mass arrest are much discussed on social media.

Hamas carried out a barbaric attack on October 7.

On October 7, Hamas brutally launched deadly attacks on Israel from three sides. During this time, Hamas commandos broke the wire fencing and entered Israel and created a ruckus of death. On their return, they brought around 240 people with them as hostages. Since then, more than 16 thousand people have been killed during the war and lakhs have been rendered homeless.

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