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Japan made 2 lakh foreign girls “sex slaves” during World War II.

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A 95-year-old victim, who was made a sex slave by Japanese soldiers, comes out of the court after the verdict in her favor.

During World War II, Japanese soldiers kept foreign girls as sex slaves to satisfy their physical hunger. Sex slaves were available to every soldier. The number of girls made sex slaves was more than 2 lakhs. Japanese soldiers exploited them sexually during World War II. Had forcibly kept him with me for many years. These girls who were made sex slaves were given only one job, that was to satisfy the physical hunger of the soldiers. But now a South Korean court has given a big blow to Japan in this matter. The court has ordered to pay compensation of $ 1,54,000 i.e. more than Rs 1 crore 28 lakh each to all the victims of wartime sexual slavery.

The court said the victims were “forcibly abducted. Then they were subjected to sexual slavery”. South Korea’s High Court on Thursday ordered Japan to compensate women forced into sexual slavery during the war, overturning a lower court decision. Whereas the lower court had rejected this demand. The 16 surviving women had filed an appeal in the court. But in 2021, the lower court had said that the women were not entitled to compensation. Tokyo cited “sovereign immunity” for this. The court had said that if the verdict was given in favor of the victims, a diplomatic incident could occur.

Women could not live a normal life after the war

Not all women and girls who were sexually enslaved during World War II were able to live normal lives after the war. The Seoul High Court ruled on Thursday “it is fair to say that sovereign immunity should not be respected in cases of illegal conduct”, according to a court document, AFP reported. Therefore, Japan should pay more than Rs 1 crore 28 lakh to each complainant. The court said the victims were “forcefully abducted or held into sexual slavery”. As a result she suffered “losses” and “could not lead a normal life after the war”.

Surviving 95 year old victim expressed happiness

A 95-year-old sex slave victim is still alive. He had filed the suit with 16 plaintiffs. After the court’s decision was in favor, Lee Young-soo raised her arms in joy as she walked out of the building and told reporters: “I am very grateful… I thank the victims who have passed away. ” Mainstream historians say that 200,000 women and girls were enslaved by Japanese soldiers during World War II. Most of these were from Korea, China and other parts of Asia. They were forced to become comfortable sex slaves for Japanese soldiers.

Japan said girls were recruited commercially

The issue has long plagued bilateral relations between Seoul and Tokyo, which colonized the Korean Peninsula between 1910 and 1945. The decision comes as the conservative South Korean government of President Yoon Suk Yeol has sought to set aside historic differences and improve ties with Tokyo to jointly counter growing military threats from North Korea. The Japanese government denies that it is directly responsible for wartime abuses. He says that victims were recruited by civilians and that military brothels were commercially operated.

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