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Japan Vs China: Friends gave a big blow to America, Britain, Japan, Italy together fighter jets, China’s era will be formed!

London: Japan and Britain, facing the challenge of China, have given a blow to their friend America. Japan, Britain and Italy have announced that they are merging their next generation fighter jet programs. This is going to be the first major defense deal between Europe and Asia. Not only this, it is going to happen for the first time after the Second World War that America is not involved in any of Japan’s weapons programs. That too when America is the security guarantor of Japan amidst the threat of China and Russia.

According to this deal, this fighter jet will be ready by the year 2035 and will be included in the UK-led Future Combat Air System project. Apart from this, Japan’s FX program will also find a place in it. The three countries have announced this agreement by issuing a statement on Friday. The deal comes at a time when Russia is carrying out fierce attacks on Ukraine and China has stepped up its aggressive military action against Taiwan and Japan.

Challenge from China will not be easy for Japan

Experts believe that with this deal, Japan will be able to easily deal with the threat of its huge neighboring country China. At the same time, Britain’s role in the security of this region will also increase, which contributes significantly to global economic development. The three countries issued a statement saying, “We are committed to upholding the rule-based, independent and free international order, which has become the most important thing right now.” That too when these principles are being challenged. At the same time, threats and aggression are increasing.

Through this deal, Japan has given a big message to its friend and ally America. For the first time after the second world war, without America, Japan is taking forward such a big defense project. Japan had earlier chosen US company Lockheed Martin for this but later it has now joined hands with Britain and Italy. It is believed that Japan can play a major role in this entire project. Japanese experts say that by the year 2035, it will be a very challenging task to make a state-of-the-art fighter jet to compete with China’s fifth generation fighter jet. That too when it is developed in less money.

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