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‘Jimmy Jimmy aaja aaja’… Bappi Lahiri’s song being sung by showing empty utensils in China

China News: The people of China are protesting against the Zero Covid Policy to be imposed against Corona. The special thing is that during this time the song of late Indian singer Bappi Lahiri ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja’ is being heard. This song is from the 1982 film “Disco Dancer”. If we translate ‘ji mi, ji mi’ it means ‘give me rice, give me rice’.

The video of the people of China has surfaced. In this video people are trying to tell by showing empty utensils how bad the situation of food shortage is during the lockdown. People are transferred to quarantine centers after a single corona positive case is reported in China.

Why is the song Jimmy-Jimmy being sung

This song, sung by Parvarti Khan, sung by Lahiri’s music, is being sung in Mandarin language ‘Ji Mi, Zi Mi’ on China’s social media site ‘Douyin’ (Chinese name of TikTok). If we translate ‘ji mi, ji mi’ it means ‘give me rice, give me rice’.

latest video

According to observers, China has devised a clever way of using “gee mi, g mi” to quell soft protests to emphasize public outrage over the zero-Covid policy. Dozens of cities in China, including Shanghai with a population of more than 25 million, have been under lockdown for weeks, with residents confined to their apartments.

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