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Jinping showed the world the new ‘Brahmastra’, orders the army to prepare for war, who is the target of China?

Beijing: China has revealed its new anti-ship hypersonic missile to the world. This missile was presented to the world for the first time on Tuesday. It is being told that China’s missile YJ-21 is a new version. According to experts, China has made this missile by copying the Russian hypersonic missile Kinjal. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked his army PLA to increase its strength and intensify preparations for the war. It is believed that Xi Jinping has warned his enemy countries like America and India through anti-ship hypersonic missile.

China has demonstrated its anti-war hypersonic missile called the modern Brahmastra at a time when its tensions with the US over Taiwan are at their peak. The US often sends its aircraft carriers from the Taiwan Strait to give a befitting reply to China. China’s state-run newspaper has threatened to target these American aircraft carriers several times. Images going viral on social media show two hypersonic missiles under the wings of China’s Xian H-6K bomber.
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China warns America with hypersonic missile
China showed this strategic bomber during the arrow show that started in the coastal city of Zhuhai. The YJ-21 missile was earlier seen in a video that was fired by the Chinese military from a destroyer stationed at sea in April. During this time America’s aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln was practicing with the Japanese Navy in the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, in some other media reports, it has been said that this missile has also come to the fore, which has a range of about 2000 km.

Defense analysts say that during a war-like situation between Taiwan and China, this arrow show should be seen as a warning to America. He said that China has tried to show that the US should not interfere during the occupation of Taiwan by Chinese forces. No US defense system is currently capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles. This Chinese missile looks like Russia’s Kinjal hypersonic missile.
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Chinese army should be ready to protect China’s sovereignty: Jinping
Russia has successfully used the Kinzhal missile in the Ukraine war. The speed of this missile is Mach 12. This missile has the ability to submerge any warship in one shot. At the start of the arrow show, Jinping called on the military on Tuesday to prepare itself to defend the country’s sovereignty, security and development interests with full force. He said that the world is going through a change which has not been seen in earlier centuries. He said that the whole army should implement the Communist Party’s idea of ​​strengthening the army in the new era.



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