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Jinping’s punishment whipped in the name of discipline against more than 7 lakh officials

CCP Meeting 2022: In China, President Xi Jinping has taken action against more than 7.6 lakh government and party officials during the last 10 years in his alleged anti-corruption campaign. According to the report presented in the meeting of the 20th session of the Party Congress released in Beijing, during the last 5 years, action has been taken against 2.82 lakh office bearers.

According to the Commission on Discipline and Monitoring Affairs in the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, action has also been taken against 265 senior officials in the last decade.

How many points are prescribed for discipline in CPC?
An 8-point charter has been prescribed for discipline in the Chinese Communist Party, which is being strictly implemented since 2012. In this, punishment is taken if found guilty in cases of extravagance, wasteful travel and purchase of expensive gifts.

What are the allegations against Jinping?
Under the pretext of this discipline code, President Xi Jinping has been repeatedly accused of targeting his opponents and suppressing dissent. Also, it is believed that by running this whip of discipline, Xi Jinping has cleared the way for his third innings in the President’s chair.

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When will the CPC meeting end?
With the meeting of the party ending on October 22, the third term of Xi Jinping will also be stamped. During the last 5 years, the scope of work of the Disciplinary and Monitoring Commission has been increased. In this episode, the sword of action is currently hanging on many officials in more than 347,000 cases.

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