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Key issues still unresolved at UN climate talks

Sharm El Sheikh: With UN climate talks in Egypt halfway through, negotiators are hard at work drafting a deal to be presented to ministers next week in the hope of securing a concrete outcome by its end. The two-week meeting here began with a strong appeal from world leaders to make sweeping efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and help poorer countries combat global warming.

The amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere needs to be halved by 2030 to meet the 2015 Paris climate accord target, scientists have said. The Paris Agreement sets a target of 1.5°C of temperature rise by the end of the century, but how to do this is left to countries.
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can’t be easily reviewed
Negotiators are trying to agree on a mitigation programme, which would include a range of measures from countries to reduce emissions. These include the energy and transport sectors. Many of these resolutions are not formally part of the United Nations Resolutions. This means that they cannot be easily reviewed at the annual meeting. Countries like Britain and Germany want to keep all financial flows in line with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.
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negotiation is challenging
At the same time, other countries object to this. They fear that the finances given to them will be stopped if they do not meet the targets. Several issues remain unresolved, according to a proposed draft agreement distributed at the meeting on Saturday morning. Jennifer Morgan, the former head of Greenpeace, described this year’s talks as challenging.



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