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Khalistani separatists and Canadian Indians clashed during Diwali celebrations, watch video

Khalistani and Canadian Indian Clash: Violent clashes broke out between Khalistani separatists and Canadian Indians during Diwali celebrations in the Canadian city of Mississauga. Khalistani supporters forcibly entered the party being held on the occasion of Diwali. After this, Khalistani supporters beat up the people of the Indian community. A video of this incident has also surfaced in which Indian supporters are showing the tricolor flag, while Khalistani supporters are showing the flag of Khalistan.

On this matter, the police have said that one person has also been injured in the violent clash. After which he has been admitted to the hospital and treatment is going on. However, the police have not arrested any person from either group. According to the news, after getting the news of the uproar, the police reach there and somehow intervene.

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What to say to the police?

Talking to Toronto City News, Police Constable Mandeep Khatra said that there have been separate clashes. The whole group has not fought together. It was learned that small groups were involved in this fight and not the whole group. He further told that we got information that a fight has taken place. When the police reached there, there was a huge crowd. Many people were gathered there and people were shouting loudly. There was a celebration of Diwali, so the police was also working to maintain peace in the area. The crowd was driven away from there and even after that the patrolling continued.

Supporters of Khalistani are creating riots in Canada

The Government of India has also protested in front of the Government of Canada regarding the activities being done against India by the supporters of Khalistan from Canada, but no strong action was taken against the supporters of Khalistan and people associated with Khalistan Movement. The Canadian government has been accused of appeasing Khalistan supporters.

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