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Kim Jong does not spare even children, 2 teenagers sentenced to 12 years for watching “K-pop” – India TV Hindi

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Kim Jong Un, dictator North Korea.

How dangerous North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is can be gauged from the fact that he does not show any mercy even to children while punishing them. Kim Jong has sentenced 2 North Korean teenagers to 12 years of hard labor for watching K-pop. On the instructions of Kim Jong Un, North Korean authorities have sentenced two teenagers to 12 years of hard labor for watching K-pop. The footage of this crackdown suggests a tough crackdown on South Korea’s cultural influences in the country.

An organization working with North Korean defectors has released a video of the teenagers being punished. The footage shows North Korean officials publicly punishing two teenagers with 12 years of hard labor for watching K-pop. It can be seen in the footage that two 16-year-old children in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang have been found guilty of watching South Korean films and music videos. It is released by the South and North Development Institute (SAND). Although this video was first reported by BBC. Reuters has since shown the footage, but was unable to independently verify it at this time.

what is k-pop

These are pop entertainment movies, which Kim Jong-un particularly hates because of South Korean culture and its influence. Therefore, in the year 2020, North Korea introduced severe punishment for anyone caught enjoying South Korean entertainment or copying the way South Koreans speak in the war against outside influences. President Choi Kyong-hui, noting the “extreme punishment” given to the teenagers, said that it seemed like it should be shown as a warning to people throughout North Korea, because if so, it would seem that South Korean culture This lifestyle is prevalent in North Korean society. “I think this video was edited around 2022,” said SAND, a doctor of political science at Tokyo University who left North Korea in 2001. ..The problem for (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un is that Millennials and Gen Z youth have changed their way of thinking. I think he is working on Korean ways to turn it back toward the North. Are.

Two teenage students found guilty of watching K-pop were handcuffed

Two teenagers convicted of watching K-pop have been handcuffed in public. It is also shown in videos made by North Korean officials. It shows two students wearing gray scrubs being handcuffed while about 1,000 students in an amphitheater watch them. All the students, including two 16-year-olds, are wearing face masks, suggesting the footage was shot during the Covid pandemic. The harsh punishment came after the students were found guilty of watching and spreading South Korean movies, music and music videos for three months, according to the video. Because they got seduced by foreign culture… and ruined their lives.

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