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Know why the world’s most dreaded dictator Kim Jong Un cried bitterly in the crowd, the reason will surprise you

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Video and photo of crying Kim Jong Un went viral.

The world’s most dreaded and dangerous dictator is crying bitterly in the gathering. This is the same dictator who keeps America on its knees and threatens countries like South Korea, Japan and Israel. He is very stubborn and ferocious, he is ruthless and aggressive, he sometimes makes people fly alive in front of a cannon, sometimes gets them stuck in the wall, sometimes he even throws his minister alive in a pool of crocodiles and fishes that eat humans. Gets thrown away. He never bows down even before the biggest and most powerful countries of the world. Often testing nuclear missiles and nuclear weapons is his hobby, without the consent of that dictator neither one can laugh nor cry. But today the same dictator is crying bitterly in the gathering.

This dictator is none other than North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. You will also be surprised to know the reason why Kim Jong Un is crying. If you are thinking that Kim Jong Un is scared of someone or that someone close to him has died due to which he is shedding tears, then you are wrong. Kim Jong is not afraid of anyone, in fact he even threatens powerful countries like America. There is nothing called kindness in his heart. He doesn’t shed tears after seeing anyone’s pain. But today for the first time he is seen crying on camera. Everyone is surprised to see his video. Let us now tell you the reason for Kim Jong’s crying.

Why did Kim Jong Un cry?

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is troubled by the declining birth rate in the country. Kim organized a special event for mothers across the country in the capital Pyongyang. It said that you people will have to play a big responsibility in the government efforts to deal with the declining birth rate. For this you should support the efforts of the government. It has reached its lowest level in recent decades. Kim Jong suddenly cried while asking North Korean women to have more and more children. Everyone was shocked to see the dictator shed tears while speaking at the national mothers’ meeting. Hundreds of women and people present at the program also became emotional after seeing Kim’s condition. Kim Jong started crying while hiccupping and then wiped his tears with tissue paper. Kim urged women to boost the country’s birth rate.

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