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‘Lollipop Lage Lu’… Had to tweet in Hindi in the name of Elon Musk, Twitter account suspended

New Delhi. In the world’s richest businessman, Elon Musk, owner of well-known companies like Space-X and Tesla, has been in the headlines continuously since the purchase of Twitter. Musk may have promised protection of freedom of expression with the purchase of Twitter, but many of his decisions so far are showing the opposite. An example of this was found on Saturday evening when he suspended an account @iawoolford tweeting in his name in Hindi.

Actually this Twitter handle belonged to an Australian professor named Ian Woolford, who is a professor of Hindi at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. He changed his Twitter page to be exactly like Elon Musk’s page. Like Elon Musk, Ian had even kept his profile photo, cover photo, bio and name.

Along with this, Ian was constantly tweeting funny in Hindi. From Bhojpuri’s very hit song ‘Kamariya Kare Lapalap…’ to ‘Twitter tere tukde honge gang ko bhi $8 dene pedenge’, there were many Twitterati, which became very viral on sight.

Seeing his tweets, it seemed that Elon Musk himself was tweeting this. Many people were also deceived by the fact that Musk himself is doing such tweets in Hindi and Bhojpuri. However, after looking closely, his reality came to know.

Actually Twitter users can change from their name to bio, but the handle ie username of a Twitter account cannot be changed, doing so removes its blue tick. In such a situation, Ian changed his entire page, but the handle remained @iawoolford, due to which his creativity came in the hands of the people.

These tweets of Ian were seen on Twitter in protest against Elon Musk’s announcement to pay a fee of $ 8 per month in exchange for blue ticks. Although his move also comes in fraud, his verified Twitter account was deactivated.

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