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‘Lollipop Lagelu’ tweeted in the name of Elon Musk, Twitter has now suspended the account

Elon Musk Netizens were surprised on Saturday by the new Twitter chief Elon Musk’s tweet in Hindi. In those tweets, the social media user was specifically discussing the massive layoff of employees and their new rules and regulations for Twitter. The post has been shared with the hashtag #TwitterLayoffs from an account that at first glance looked like the handle of the tech billionaire. However, after some time it was revealed that the username @iawoolford had tried to create this confusion by renaming his handle. And now this account has been suspended.

Initially, many people felt that Elon Musk himself had tweeted all this. This has been the reason that many of these posts became viral in a jiffy. People also started reacting to the post. Let us tell you some such tweets, which were done from that account.

User made funny tweets

The user changed the name of Elon Musk to a tweet which read, “Twitter tere tukde honge” gang will also have to pay $8.” Another tweet read, “This bird has been sold.” The Twitter user used the line, imitating the viral “Government sold out” meme. Another tweet read, “This time the broom will run, this time the broom will run! Corrupt Twitter will have a broom!!”

News Reels

There was also a Bollywood angle in the post, in which a famous dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan was used. The post read, “Small things like this keep happening in big countries… don’t they?” He also used a famous Bhojpuri song by Pawan Singh – “Kamariya Kare Lapalp, Ki Lollipop Lagelu”.

Finally the account got suspended…

Twitter user @iawoolford changed his Twitter name to Elon Musk and also changed the bio and then tweeted in Hindi. Everyone felt that these tweets were made by Elon Musk, due to which there was a lot of confusion. Not only this, the user has put the same DP and cover photo, which is on the official Twitter handle of Elon Musk. However, there was something very different in both the accounts, which could not be changed technically. However, now Twitter has suspended this user named @iawoolford.

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