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Maribel Guardia wishes for a terrifying Halloween night while modeling a tiny black bikini – Latest US News Hub

Maribel Guardia caused a stir within social networks by wishing a happy Halloween using a terrifying filter, but not only that, but also she set fire to showing off with a mini bikini that exposed her perfect curves,

Halloween became the perfect pretext for Maribel Guardia to bring out her most sensual side, as swaying her stunning curves before the camera, she reappeared to wish a “Happy Halloween” to nearly 8 million followers who currently admire her. through his official Instagram profile.

And it is that the sensual Costa Rican caused a stir by appearing wearing her spectacular anatomy with a tiny black bikini that stole the breath of her loyal fans.

,Have a happy night of witches, ghosts and vampires, I send you spells of love and health for all”, Maribel Guardia wrote as a description of the brief, but hot recording that generated all kinds of reactions.

In the short clip, he also appeared with several tattoos on his body, fans and red eyes, all with the help of a filter that was well received by his followers, who in addition to originating more than 600 thousand reproductions, sent him hundreds of messages. in which they highlighted how beautiful it looks.

“What a beautiful witch”, “What a beautiful vampire”, “How beautiful you are, that bikini suits you very well”, “Beautiful and happy Halloween!”, “Even in a costume you look beautiful”, “Not even dressed as a witch does it go away beauty”, “If you are a vampire, why don’t you age”, were just some comments.

Although on this occasion she wore a sensual bathing suit, the television star He does not miss an opportunity to show off the statuesque silhouette that he maintains at 63 years oldbecause she also enjoys sharing other images in which she causes a sensation wearing other types of clothing.

From elegant tight dresses like the one she modeled days before with the one that exposed her stylized legs to infect her admirers with a positive attitude.

The same as with tight sports outfits that she shows off from her home gym, where she trains every day to shape her silhouette.

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Maribel Guardia wishes for a terrifying Halloween night while modeling a tiny black bikini



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