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Maybe the beats will return… See, when the last attempt was made to save the lives of dozens of people in Korea.

SeoulThere are piles of corpses everywhere in Itawon, the capital of South Korea, Seoul. In the horrific accident, 149 people have died and many are injured. After the stampede during Halloween, many people died on sight due to heart attack. The videos of this incident are even more horrifying. Where the program was taking place and the place where the accident happened, the street was so tight that it was difficult for people to breathe. In a video that is becoming increasingly viral, it can be seen how people are trying to give CPR to their loved ones to bring them back.

people got heart attack
At the place where the accident happened in Itawon, the street was so narrow that the ambulance could not reach. People were dancing and because of this the road was blocked. In such a situation, the medical technicians started giving CPR to the people at the accident site itself. The condition of more than 100 people is said to be critical. The authorities have completely denied that the people present here had taken any kind of drugs. It was the first Halloween event in Seoul that was attended by millions since the lifting of COVID restrictions.

hundreds of people were present
Hundreds of people gathered to take part in a narrow alleyway near the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon. According to South Korean media, the first emergency service arrived at 10:22 pm local time. More than one lakh people were present in this street. It is being told that the crowd was coming out of the hotel as well as some people were coming from the side of Itawon subway station.

Unable to park the sedan car
Reports in Korean media said that people went crazy after seeing an unnamed celebrity and then their madness became the reason for this accident. Reports say that the street where the stampede took place is only four meters wide. This street is so narrow that it is difficult to even park a sedan car here. As the crowd started pushing each other, people started falling on each other. After this people suffocated and they had a heart attack.



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