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Meteor Shower NASA: Alien landed by helicopter in American lake? People stunned by the amazing green light from space

Washington: At 3 a.m. on November 19, a bright green light suddenly appeared near Lake Ontario, located on the US-Canada border. This light came from space, seeing which people got scared. Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a helicopter-like object hovering silently in the air before a bright flash of lightning. After about 10 seconds it went away. The US space agency NASA said that it was a small meteorite.

Meanwhile, experts say that this lightning-like rain of light was caused by a small meteorite. This meteorite was detected by the scientists only 3 hours ago. Later it came into the Earth’s atmosphere and caught fire. This caused hundreds of pieces of meteorite. NASA said that most of these pieces fell into Lake Ontario. The agency said some of these small pieces may have also hit the ground on the southern shore of the lake.

How do meteorites rain

7 observatories of the world recorded the fall of this meteorite. Not only this, at least 59 people from America and Canada have claimed to have seen this meteorite falling. Derek Bowen, an eyewitness from Ontario, was able to capture the fall of this meteorite on his GoPro camera. In this 30-second video, it is seen that the meteorite falls from the top of the head and a green tail is also seen behind it. The surrounding clouds also shone with this light.

At the same time, the 1,815-foot-high CN Tower near Toronto also captured the picture of this meteorite in its camera while passing through the sky. NASA said that this rain of light is exceptionally emanating from those meteorites which are fragments of asteroids or comets orbiting the sun. When these celestial rocks enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they get heated and their speed slows down. Due to excessive friction, water rises and light comes out. This light is generally not considered harmful.

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