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Millions of people were watching the coronation of the Queen of England, but this child was getting bored, see the photo of 2022

London : The country has got a new king after the death of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain for the longest time. This change in monarchy is happening after 70 years. Elizabeth’s son King Charles III, 73, is now sitting on the throne. He was crowned on Saturday and formally became the new King of England. But about 70 years ago in 1953, four-and-a-half-year-old Charles was getting bored during his mother’s coronation. A year before this, at the age of 25, his mother Elizabeth II ascended the throne.

Now this photo of King Charles’s childhood is being fiercely shared on the internet. In the photo, Charles is seen resting his hand against his face with a look of indifference on his face. He is seen standing between his grandmother (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) and aunt (Princess Margaret). In the black-and-white photo, Charles resembles his grandson Prince George as he attended the annual Trooping the Color parade in honor of the Queen’s birthday in 2017.

Charles was the first child to see the coronation of his mother
According to an old People magazine article, the Queen’s coronation began at 11.15 a.m. and lasted about three hours. According to the Royal Family website, Charles was the first child to see his mother’s coronation. His sister, Princess Anne, was not allowed to attend at the age of two because she was considered too young. According to the website, Charles received a special hand-painted invitation to the 1953 ceremony.

King Charles III addressing the British Parliament for the first time as King

The first picture surfaced in 2019
The picture was first posted by the Royal Collection Trust on 2 June 2019, marking the 66th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Elizabeth’s coronation was the first to be televised and was viewed 27 million times in the UK alone. On Monday, as King of Britain, Charles III addressed Parliament for the first time on Monday, paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and appearing on behalf of his ‘dear late mother’ in upholding the ‘precious principles of constitutional governance’ Resolve to follow the example of selfless duty.



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