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Minuteman missile, nuclear bomb… what China’s spy balloon is looking for in America, created a stir

Montana: There has been a stir in America due to the sighting of China’s balloon flying at a very high altitude. It is being told that this Chinese balloon is spying and has been present in the sky of America for the last several days. The US is constantly keeping an eye on this Chinese balloon flying over the state of Montana and the Biden administration has even deployed its fighter jets to shoot it down. After this disclosure, now there is a possibility of increasing tension between China and America. Experts say that there is Malmstrom Air Force Base in the US state of Montana where Minuteman-3 missiles equipped with nuclear bombs are stationed.

After the disclosure of this balloon, China’s reaction has come to the fore. China said on Friday it was looking into reports that a Chinese spy balloon was flying in US airspace. China’s Foreign Ministry has appealed for calm on this issue. Spokesman Mao Ning also said he had no information on whether US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to China next week would go as scheduled.

Chinese spokesman Mao said, ‘China is a responsible country and has always strictly followed international rules and has no intention of violating the jurisdiction and airspace of any sovereign country. For the balloon, as I just said, we are probing and ascertaining the situation. Hope both sides together can deal with it peacefully and carefully. Meanwhile, the US Defense Ministry Pentagon says that the US government has been keeping an eye on this balloon for several days.

America scared of China’s magnet in F-35 fighter jet

The Pentagon said that there is no danger to any passenger or military aircraft from this balloon. Meanwhile, several senior army officers have advised President Joe Biden not to shoot down the balloon with a missile attack. Due to this debris falling on the ground below can cause an accident. America has maintained Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana itself where there are 100 missile silos. Minuteman 3 missiles equipped with nuclear weapons have been placed in it. These are America’s most dangerous intercontinental missiles which are capable of attacking till China. A senior US official said that it is clear that China is trying to fly this balloon over sensitive places.

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