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Missile attack on Poland, will NATO jump into Ukraine war? Fear of third world war

Kyiv: In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, the whole world has been shaken by the missile attack on NATO country Poland. It is not yet clear who fired this missile on Poland. Two Polish villagers have been killed in this vigorous attack near the Ukraine border. US President Joe Biden called an emergency meeting of G7 countries in Bali and said that preliminary investigation showed that the missile was probably not fired by Russia. NATO countries have started investigating the missile attack on Poland. NATO has also called for an emergency summit following the Russian-made missile attack. On the other hand, Russia has rejected the claim of missile attack on Poland. Meanwhile, it started trending on social media whether the world is heading towards the third world war. Let’s understand the whole matter…

The apprehension of the third world war in the world has started in February 2022 since the time when Russia started a fierce attack on Ukraine. Now in the midst of Russia’s continuous missile attacks on Ukraine, its tension with Western countries is increasing continuously. In such a situation, many analysts are fearing that this war may flare up in other parts of Europe. British officials have warned that an escalation of the conflict could spark the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II, The Sun reports. Although experts say that its possibility is very less.
Missile attack in Poland for the first time in Ukraine war, Biden in action, will Russian war reach NATO?
Will Putin drop nuclear bomb in Ukraine out of desperation?
This deadliest conflict will result in thousands of civilian deaths and create a million-strong refugee crisis in Europe. Western countries have estimated the casualties of more than 50,000 soldiers of Russia so far in the war in Ukraine. The Sun reports that as Putin’s health is deteriorating, there is a possibility that he may use the nuclear bomb in Ukraine in a fit of desperation. If Putin uses the atom bomb, then it can change the views of Ukraine’s allies about the situation.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, yet Britain, America and its allies are helping it fiercely without joining the war against Russia. However, if the Russian missile attack is confirmed in NATO ally Poland, the possibility of major action will increase. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has warned that if Russia continues to increase its attack, the Third World War may break out. There is also a possibility that there may be a food crisis all over the world. Analysts say that if the NATO investigation confirms that Russia attacked, it could be a very serious matter.



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