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Mob lynching in Pakistan, two people were beaten to death by a mob in the rumor of child theft

Karachi: In Karachi, Pakistan, a mob lynched two employees of a mobile company on suspicion of being kidnappers. The incident took place on Friday afternoon in Mosquito Colony, Pakistan’s commercial hub, Karachi. Keemadi Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fida Hussain Jan said that two employees of the mobile company had gone to the area to check the antenna for signal. Police said they have arrested two suspects in connection with the lynching of both the employees.

These people are accused of instigating the crowd. The SSP said, “We have identified eight others. We will check the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the area. Witnesses will be examined to nab other suspects.” “As soon as two employees of a mobile company reached the area in their car, some people started shouting and spreading rumors that they were kidnappers, who have come to kidnap children,” he said.
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500 people gathered after the rumor
The situation had recently become tense after children went missing from the area, the official said. According to the initial police investigation, a crowd of around 500 people gathered following the rumour. Police surgeon Dr. Sumaiya Syed said, “When both the employees were brought to the hospital, they were already dead. He had suffered serious injuries and had multiple head fractures. Syed said the post-mortem of both the employees of the mobile company has been completed and there were injury marks on their face and body.



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