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Mother noticed a strange glow in the eyes of her three-month-old son, when she looked through the smartphone camera, she discovered rare cancer – India TV Hindi

Image Source : SWNS
Mother notices strange twinkle in three month old son’s eyes

Britain News: After noticing a strange glow in the eyes of her three-month-old son, a mother carefully looked into the child’s eyes through her smartphone’s camera and later found out that he was suffering from a rare cancer. However, the fortunate thing is that as soon as the information was received at the right time, the child got proper treatment, due to which his life was saved. According to British media, a mother spotted her son’s rare cancer using her smartphone’s camera. The mother’s name is Sarah Hedges, who thought she saw a glow like a cat’s eye in the retina of three-month-old Thomas.

‘Retinoblastoma’ cancer detected in tests

Sarah Hedges looked at her son Thomas’ cancer using her phone camera. Thomas was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called retinoblastoma. So he took pictures with his smartphone’s flash, which confirmed what he saw. Tests of photographs taken by the 40-year-old mother of four proved Thomas had eye cancer called retinoblastoma.

Chemotherapy completed

As soon as he got information about the disease, his chemotherapy was completed in May and he is recovering. Sarah, an aid worker from Gillingham, Kent, said: “I thought my son was going to die. “I thought I was going to lose her, when you hear the word cancer, very bad thoughts come to your mind.

It’s like a nightmare for me

“I just wanted it to be a bad dream and someone would wake me up. My world had fallen apart. However Thomas is now recovering and Sarah said: “He is very happy and he has my beautiful little baby.

“He likes to play on the floor with his older brother.”

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