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Mumbai attack culprit Lashkar-e-Taiba considered a terrorist organization for 15 years by Israel

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Lashkar-e-Taiba culprits of Mumbai attack

Israel on Lashkar and Taiba: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. 15 years after the Mumbai terrorist attack i.e. 26/11, Israel has declared Lashkar-e-Taiba as a terrorist organization. Israel has taken this step at a time when 15 years of Mumbai terrorist attacks are going to be completed after 5 days. Israel has declared Lashkar as a terrorist organization because it wants India to declare Hamas as a terrorist organization. He has already demanded for this. Let us tell you that India has not yet given the status of terrorist organization to Hamas.

After taking this action against Lashkar, the Israeli government also issued a statement. It said that the Indian government did not request Israel to do so. Even after this, Israel completed all the procedures from its side and put Lashkar-e-Taiba in the list of terrorist organization.

Which terrorist organizations are in Israel’s list?

In the statement issued by Israel, it was said that according to the rules, Israel includes in its terror list only those terrorist organizations which are active inside or near the Israeli border and are working against Israel. Same is the case with India also. Apart from this, Israel also includes terrorist organizations declared by the UNSC or the US State Department at the global level in its terror list.

What does Israel want from India?

In fact, ever since the major attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7. Since then, he has been seeking all kinds of help from America as well as countries like India. Israel wants that whether it is UN or any other platform, India should come openly like America and openly support Israel. India’s policy has been that it strongly opposes the attack on Israel, however, it also expresses sympathy and condolences towards the innocent people being killed in Gaza. Besides, it is also sending humanitarian aid to Gaza via Egypt.

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