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Muslim girls took off hijab in radical country, fanatics were furious after watching the video, Iran police gave severe punishment

Tehran : Iranian police have arrested several teenage girls in the southern city of Shiraz for not wearing a hijab on Skateboarding Day. Government media gave this information. Shiraz police chief Faraj Shojai was quoted by news agency IRNA as saying that several girls took off their hijabs at the end of the sporting event, breaking religious beliefs and legal norms. The police have also arrested several organisers.

Five organizers have been taken into custody for holding an event in which dozens of teenagers openly violated strict Islamic rules, DailyMail reported. Shojai said, “With the cooperation of the judiciary, several criminals and people associated with the event were identified and arrested on Thursday.” The video of ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ organized in Shiraz is going viral on Iran’s social media. The video has caused outrage among religious fanatics.

March will be taken out in Iran
Wearing the hijab is mandatory for all women and teenage girls in Iran, a conservative country. Shojai said, “Organizing any sports or non-sports event without following religious and legal rules is strictly prohibited and the organizers will be punished strictly as per law.” Shiraz Governor Lotfullah Shebani said the event was organized with the aim of breaking social, religious and national rules. After Friday prayers in Shiraz, a march titled ‘Proponents of the Holiness of Hijab’ will be held after Friday prayers.

West’s ‘soft war’ against Iran
Islamic law in Iran since the 1979 revolution mandates women to wear a hijab that covers their head and neck while hiding their hair. Iran’s hardliners see such events, where such rules are ignored, as the West’s “soft war” against the Islamic Republic. However, in Tehran and other major cities over the past two decades, the rules have been relaxed, allowing women to keep their heads open with their hijab slightly back.
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Women and men are forbidden to dance together
Iran’s media reported on Sunday that 120 people had been arrested for alleged “criminal activities” such as drinking alcohol, making men and women dance together and removing their hijab. According to Iranian law, only non-Muslim citizens in the country can consume alcohol for religious purposes, while men and women are forbidden to dance together.


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