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Myanmar Army News: Myanmar’s dictator General called the rebels terrorists, warning those who raise their voice against the regime

NappyDow: The head of Myanmar’s military government, General Min Aung Hlaing, has vowed to take decisive action against armed opposition groups. He has termed the work done by these groups as ‘terrorism’. General Haling also accused some countries of encouraging supporters of terrorism by accusing their regime of human rights violations. In February 2021, General Haling captured power. A bloody war against the opposition parties has been going on in the country since then. Thousands of people have died and more than one million people have been displaced in the ongoing conflict in Myanmar for two years.

martial law being imposed
The speech given by General Haling is being considered extraordinary. He has given this speech during the annual military service parade organized in the capital Naypyidaw, which is being termed as extraordinary. It is believed that through this he has given a message that Myanmar’s forces will not stop fighting against those who are against their rule. No matter what the cost has to be paid for it.

The 66-year-old General Halling also pointed out that martial law is increasingly being imposed in key places to fight terrorists who trample on people’s interests. He told that elections will be held in the country and the power will be handed over to the winner. However, given the ongoing conflict in the country, it is not clear when the elections will be held.
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Officials of China and Russia were present

The Myanmar National Army was established during World War II. A parade was organized on the occasion of completion of its 78 years. The establishment of the army was to save the country from the attack of Japan. The importance of this parade is increasing in recent years. The isolated Myanmar military continues to show aggression in a bid to strengthen its influence against the rebels. Officials from Russia and China were also involved in the parade. It is clear from this that the support of Myanmar is going on from both the countries.
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Weapons of Russia and China
Chinese K8 ground attack aircraft and FTC2000 jets as well as Russian MI35 gunships were also part of the parade recently purchased from Beijing. Many of these weapons have been used in rebel strongholds since the coup. Many civilians and innocent children have also become targets in the use of these weapons. General Haling is termed as the leader of the coup. Many people were present to salute him in the parade.

Many accused were present in the parade

There were many accused in this parade who have been accused of many atrocities like massacre of civilians. Apart from international criticism, he has also faced various types of sanctions. Only last week, the US announced further sanctions against Myanmar. Under these restrictions, the sale of jet fuel to the military has been banned following airstrikes on populated areas.

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