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Mysterious Light: Australia’s sky glows with mysterious pink light, people scared of alien ‘attack’

Canberra: In the dark of night, suddenly a mysterious pink light spread in the sky, seeing which the people living in the countryside of Australia were astonished. When people saw the mysterious light in Mildura, Victoria, they were horrified. They felt as if the world was about to end and some catastrophe was coming. But during this time a woman, Rosie Hayes, went to the source of the light without fear. When she reached the place from where the light was coming, the story turned out to be different.

Rosie Hayes said that her mother called her to tell her about this light. When his children saw the light, they were scared. So she set out to find out where the light was coming from. He also shared the photo of this light, in which people expressed different possibilities. Some called it an alien UFO and some called it a meteorite. But when Rosie reached there, it turned out to be a field of cannabis.
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Hemp was being cultivated
According to the BBC report, Rosie said, ‘I was going in my car and my mother was on the phone. Then my father said from behind that I am finishing my dinner early, because the world is about to end. Another local woman told that she first thought it was pink moonlight. But later noticed that the light was going from below. Upon reaching the source of Light, it was discovered that it was a medicinal hemp farm. This farm belongs to Can Pharmaceuticals. It is cultivated in a closed area and commercial pink LED lights are used to grow it.
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used in making medicines
On the night when the light appeared in the sky, a curtain was left open, due to which bright light was seen in the sky. In 2016, medical grade hemp was legalized in Australia. It is used in many medicines. However, taking medicine for fun is a crime. Medicines made from it are given in some diseases. The company that owns this farm had prepared its first crop in June. Now it has got a license to manufacture a new capsule.


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