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Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat sold for crores of rupees, made a record of auction, know special

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat

A hat belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte has made a record. Bonaparte’s hat was auctioned in Paris on Sunday, which created a new record by being sold for about two million euros i.e. more than Rs 17 crore. The hat sold for 1.932 million euros, breaking the old record of 1.884 million euros for a Napoleon hat held by the auction house in 2014. What makes Napoleon’s hat special is that it is known as a bicorne, the hat features Napoleon’s signature colors – black with the blue-white-red insignia of the French flag.

The auction attracted collectors “from all over the world,” auctioneer Osnett said, without revealing the identity or nationality of the buyer. The hat was previously held by businessman Jean-Louis Noisiez, who died last year. The auction house in Fontainebleau, south of Paris, said the final price was more than double the estimate of 600,000 to 800,000 euros and almost four times the reserve price.

Napoleon had 120 hats

Napoleon is believed to have owned about 120 such hats, but most of them are now lost. “The hat itself represents the image of the emperor and people recognized this hat everywhere. When they saw it on the battlefield, they knew that Napoleon was there,” said Jean-Pierre Ossenat, an expert at the auction house. Was.

Napoleon always kept a hat on his head even when alone.

“Napoleon, when alone, always had it on his head or in his hand, and sometimes he would throw it on the ground. That was an image. A symbol of an emperor,” Osenat was quoted as saying by BBC news agency. ” According to the auction house, Napoleon wore this distinctive hat during the middle of his reign as emperor, which lasted from 1808 to 1815. Napoleon wore his hat cocked sideways, which distinguished him from others of his time and made him easily recognized by his soldiers during battle. It is said about Napoleon that he was strange and also romantic.

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