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NASA Mars Mission: NASA made a special plan to stop sex on the way to Mars! It will take a year and a half to travel to the Red Planet

Washington: It has been 53 years since man first set foot on the Moon. Thanks to scientists and space agencies, we know a lot about space today. But many decades have passed since man set foot on another planet. The American space agency NASA is preparing to send humans to the moon again under its Artemis mission. But now the eyes of scientists are not limited to the moon only. Mechanically humans have set foot on Mars as well and now the day is not far when man will set foot on Red Planet as well. But NASA wants only women to be involved in its mission Mars, for which there are many reasons, a few years ago, such indications are found in an intelligence report.

The presence of women in space is limited only to the International Space Station. Although under Artemis the first woman astronaut will step on the moon. But here we will talk about Mission Mangal where some businessmen also want to settle down. A few years ago, a NASA intelligence report indicated that only women could participate in the space agency’s mission to Mars. Then going to Mars was like a dream for humans, but today this dream seems to be moving towards reality. The countdown to the manned mission to Mars has now begun. In such a situation, once again the question is in the headlines as to who will be included in its crew.

Can’t make sex for one and a half years
It is about 2017. Speaking at a conference, British astronaut Helen Sharman claimed that NASA has filed a report that warns that female and male astronauts may become sexually aroused during their one-and-a-half-year-long journey to the Red Planet. The report claims that an all-women crew would be the best option as women work better as a team. They fight less to be the leader of the team than men. Sharman had not seen the report with his own eyes but said it was filed “a few years back”.

The biggest reason for sending only women
Sharman said that I had heard some years ago that there is such a report. NASA never released it, but they believed that the crew should be all-male or all-female. It may take about 1.5 years to travel to Mars. During this, astronauts will be exposed to high radiation. So if the two astronauts became aroused and the woman became pregnant, the effect on the child is not known.

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