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NASA’s amateur scientist discovered a planet like Jupiter, temperature 76 degrees and weight equal to the Sun


  • Nasa amateur scientist discovers Jupiter-like planet
  • This planet is 379 light years away from Earth, temperature – 76 degree Celsius
  • NASA confirmed the discovery, said – its mass is equal to the Sun

An amateur astronomer has discovered a Jupiter-like exoplanet. The mass of this exoplanet is equal to that of the Sun. The US space agency NASA said that this exoplanet named TOI-2180 b is about 379 light years away from Earth. Its average temperature is about 170 °F (76 °C). In such a situation, it is hotter than many planets in our solar system including Earth.

Ex-Navy is an amateur scientist who discovered the planet
According to NASA, the name of this amateur scientist is Tom Jacobs. He is a former US Navy officer who is associated with NASA’s Citizen Scientist Project. Through this project, ordinary people interested in astronomy and physics are engaged in helping NASA researchers. Tom Jacobs is also associated with one such project.

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Discovered by studying data from telescopes
It is being told that this amateur scientist had scanned the data from different telescopes through computer algorithms to make new discoveries. Researchers look for changes in the brightness of stars to find any exoplanets. From this it is known whether a planet is orbiting a certain star or not. If the planet passes in front of that star, then the light of the star will be interrupted for some time.

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computer algorithms used
However, this computer algorithm is designed to identify different planets orbiting the same star. This amateur astronomer has discovered a new exoplanet using the same technique. Tom Jacobs is part of a team called the Visual Survey Group, which observes telescope data by eye.

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Planet detected due to diminution of star light
Observing data from the TESS telescope on February 1, 2020, Jacobs noticed that the light from a star named TOI-2180 b was reduced by less than half a percent. Then over a period of next 24 hours, the light of this star returned to its previous brightness level. He then informed NASA researchers about his discovery.

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NASA confirmed the claim
The Automated Planet Finder Telescope at Lick Observatory in California was then used to confirm Jacobs’ claim. After which scientists studied the gravity of the planet on the star. This allowed them to calculate the mass of the star and the possibilities for its orbit. According to NASA, this planet may contain elements heavier than hydrogen and helium.

Jupiter Planet

Discovery of a planet like Jupiter


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