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Nepal Elections India: China supporter Oli moves in Nepal, India and America in action, Deuba or Prachanda, who will become PM?

Kathmandu: After the general elections in Nepal, efforts have now intensified to form the government. The ruling Nepali Congress has emerged as the single largest party in the elections and the possibility of forming a government by joining their alliance partners has increased a lot. Meanwhile, KP Sharma Oli, the former Prime Minister of Nepal and acting at the behest of China, has made a big bet to form the government. Oli has proposed to form the government for two-and-a-half years to Pushpa Kamal Dahal, a coalition partner of the Nepali Congress. After this bet of Oli, now India and America have also come into action.

Indian Ambassador to Nepal Naveen Srivastava has met PM Sher Bahadur Deuba for the second time within a week. On Saturday, the Indian Ambassador had a fresh meeting with Deuba and congratulated him on his election victory. According to the report of Nepali newspaper Kathmandu Post, Naveen Srivastava also inquired about the latest updates on the formation of the new government. A source said, “We can infer that they have discussed government formation, the race for the prime minister’s post and power-sharing.”

India has already said that it is ready to work closely with the new government in Nepal. Indian Foreign Ministry Arindam Bagchi said last week that India and Nepal have close ties and India will work closely with the new government in Kathmandu. India had also made it clear that it would not interfere in Nepal’s internal affairs. Earlier on November 26, Indian Ambassador Naveen Srivastava had also met CPN Maoist Center leader Prachanda.

During the meeting with Prachanda, the Indian Ambassador congratulated him on the victory and discussed the politics of Nepal. After the declaration of election results in Nepal, various political parties have put their full strength to form the government. Maximum efforts are being made by the Nepal Congress. However, the party is facing head-on conflict within itself. In fact, along with Deuba, many other leaders of the Nepali Congress want to become the Prime Minister.

Not only this, Prachanda has also expressed his desire that he wants to become the Prime Minister. On the other hand, seeing a rift in the alliance of Nepali Congress, Oli has made a move and has proposed to make Prachanda the PM for two and a half years. This is the reason why Indian Ambassador has met both Prachanda and Deuba leaders separately. Just before this meeting, the US Ambassador to Nepal met Deuba on Thursday and congratulated him for the successful conduct of the elections.

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