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‘New disease spread by rats to Russian soldiers, blood coming from eyes’, claims Ukrainian intelligence agency

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‘Disease spread among Russian soldiers by rats’

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. While Russia is carrying out rapid attacks on Ukrainian cities, Ukraine is also expressing its intentions by destroying Russian missiles. Recently Ukraine shot down Russia’s powerful Kinzhal missile. Ukraine achieved this feat with American Patriot missile. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army has made a big claim. These claims are about Russian soldiers. The Ukrainian Army has claimed that due to a disease, the fighting capacity of Russian soldiers is losing. In this disease people start bleeding from their eyes. Not only this, there is severe headache and vomiting several times a day.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine has informed about the spread of so-called ‘mouse fever’ among the units of Russian soldiers in Kupyansk. This disease is an infection caused by streptococcal, which is a type of bacteria. It is spread to humans through direct contact with rats or breathing in their feces. Ukraine claimed that due to this disease the body temperature rises up to 40 degrees. Severe headache, rashes, low blood pressure and bleeding from the eyes occur. Problems of vomiting and nausea have also come to light.

‘Officials ignored the complaint of Russian soldiers’

Ukraine claimed that Russian soldiers had complained about the disease to their commanders, but their complaints were ignored. According to Sky News, mouse fever is sickening soldiers on a large scale in the Kupyansk direction opposite the occupiers. Because of this the Russians are in no position to fight the war. Ukraine has claimed that Russia is not taking the disease seriously and is considering it as an excuse for troops to avoid war.

The war will continue from February 2022

Actually, the war between Ukraine and Russia is going on since February 2022. Thousands of soldiers and civilians of both the countries have died in this. Thousands have been injured. Meanwhile, Ukraine plans to increase the number of its army to 1.5 million to fight in the war against Russia. Zelensky said, “I told the military I would need more arguments to support it. Because first of all, it’s a question of people, second of all it’s a question of fairness, it’s a question of defense capability, and it’s a question of finances.” The question is.”

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