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New York police said after firing – there is no terrorist incident in Brooklyn

At least 16 people have been injured in a shooting and explosion at a Brooklyn subway station in New York City, US. 10 people have been shot. Condition of 2 people is critical. According to the New York Police, the attacker came wearing a gas mask. According to the AFP news agency, several bombs have been recovered by the police from the spot. At the same time, the New York Police Department has denied the incident of getting a live bomb.

After receiving reports of shooting so many people, the police is taking action at a metro station in Sunset Park. According to the information received, the information about the incident has been given to President Joe Biden. The FDNY said it received reports of a gunfire at around 8:30 a.m. inside the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park.

In the US, several people were shot at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday morning, while explosives have also been recovered from the spot. The city’s fire department gave this information. A spokesman for the New York City Fire Department said firefighters were notified of smoke coming out of 36 Street Station near Sunset Park.

He said several people were shot at the spot and explosives were recovered. A law enforcement source said that preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect was in a construction work uniform. At the same time, in the picture of the scene that surfaced, blood-soaked people are seen on the floor of the station. However, more details about the incident could not be immediately obtained. New York police say they had received reports of people being injured in a shootout or explosion at the station.

The attacker came wearing a gas mask, fired indiscriminately at the New York City subway station, subway service interrupted

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